Best of 2013

by sozos on February 16, 2013

We blame ourselves (humanity) for a lot. i was explaining my view of it to treats Eph Jos the other day. its like humanity is a teenager. hormonally imbalanced, unsure of our direction, full of toxic rage and confusion and just leaving clothes and crap all over the place – but still full of amazing potential. the fact is – WE ARE AT – WHERE WE ARE AT – on some level i believe that we are doing our best to grow and evolve, and although on individual and community levels there are ALL kinds of “problems” that need to be “overcome” and in lots of ways we have made a large mess – BUT – thats not the whole story – its still amazing how far we’ve come! we used to be a toddler incapable of much at all – and we are evolving into something else. some teenagers need to be brought home by the cops a few times and fuck a few things up before they grow into adults. all we can do is handle ourselves as best we can, align ourselves with the underlying harmony and trust that on some level everything IS unfolding perfectly.. – Gary Newton

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